December 15, 2008

the 12 Days of Christmas Videos: Day 4

We're four days in and it's time for a bit of swingin', loungy, holiday goodness. Normally, Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine sets my irony meter spinning annoyingly out of control. I mean, how many lounge versions of Blackhole Sun does the world really need? (Especially since Steve & Eydie already did the quintessential version) But, an all original Christmas song is a whole different matter. Enter Christmas in Las Vegas from his 2006 release Silent Nightclub. Always one to break new music marketing ground, Dick sponsored a Youtube contest for people to create videos for the song. This one, with illustrations by Bruce Snow, is my favorite. It compliments the song, rather than overshadowing it. So, enjoy, while you roll-e-o beneath the mistletoe.

Richard Cheese & Lounge Against the Machine - Christmas in Las Vegas