December 23, 2008

The 12 Days of Christmas Videos: Day 12

Well, here we are at day 12 and there's still no shortage of Christmas videos. Today you get The Ravonettes "Christmas Song." I've been into The Ravonettes for a few years now because I love sixties garage rock, sixties soul, and boy-girl vocal harmonies, which are all things that The Ravonettes have perfected. With a string of albums since 2002, the Danish duo did it a bit differently this year releasing four EPs, concluding just recently with Wishing You A Rave Christmas (most of which you can hear on their myspace page). One of the better Christmas releases of the past couple of seasons from an indie-type band.

This video however is not from that EP. This was their first (I think) Christmas endeavor from a couple of years back.

The Ravonettes -- Christmas Song