November 14, 2008

Modcast #109: On a Mission to Mod

Welcome to Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World. It's with mixed feelings that I've opened the show with a track from the new Kaiser Chiefs album. That would be Good Days Bad Days from their new album Off With Their Heads. Interestingly this album garnered the Chiefs much critical acclaim, especially in the US, and rose to #2 in the UK. And I think its because it is the least mod friendly of their releases to date. It's a fine album, but it is light years from being as good as either Employment or Yours Truly Angry Mob. Less of the band's power pop influences are showcased, instead at the forefront is more of a post-punk vibe. Not a bad listen, but not as power pop incluenced as were their earlier works. Now, listen to the rest of the show and you will be rewarded. Ten fold. It's a treasure trove of great tracks. Questions? Requests? Are you in a mod band? Were you in a band a way back when? Spread the love and send me some MP3s and I'll work them into a future show. E-mail me at

Bonus videos? What bonus videos?

The Lodger - The Good Old Days

The Untold Fables on Rockstock 1988 - Spit The Winkle