November 7, 2008

Modcast #108: Listen to the Boom

Welcome to Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World, have I got a treat for you (and you thought Halloween was over and there were no more treats!). Actually two treats: a couple of live tracks I bagged last week at The Sonics appearance at the Paramount in Seattle on Halloween night. Known as the boom heard 'round the world, the band was booming all right.

It was the legendary garage rockers first show in their native Northwest in 35 years. Still, they didn't miss a beat pounding out 90 minutes of original, blistering, garage punk. The rest of the show pays homage with lots of Sonics influenced, ballsy, sixties sounding, trash punk. Another Northwest garage group, Girltrouble, opened the show. These guys (and girl) have been playing for 25 years and in these parts are nearly as legendary as The Sonics themselves. The rest of this show is loud and fast, so turn up your computer speakers, your iPod, your stereo or whatever and enjoy.

Girl Trouble - My Hometown

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Naz Nomad - I Can't Stand This Love Goodbye