July 27, 2008

Mr. Suave's 100th Mod Mod Modcast!

Welcome to the 100th modcast of Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World. This is a special episode of the modcast with some of the best stuff I've ever shared with you all. In honor of busting out 100 modcasts over the last two years I'm celebrating with an ice cold martini (or three) and as usual, some fantastic music. I've got lots of cool stuff on this show including The Men, Manfred Mann, The Jam and The Jetset. But, if you're like me and you love The Style Council, and you dig Burt Bacharach and James Taylor Quartet, then I guarantee you will love hearing the brand new title track from Rinaldi Sings' new album Bingo (available Aug. 4 from Tangerine Records). And, if you head on over to the modcast homepage at mistersuave.com you will get two fabulous bonus videos, one from Rinaldi Sings, a rare track you won't see anywhere else of The Funseekers live at the Mods Mayday '89 show. (If you're interested in more Funseekers check out their 4-part movie at Youtube "A Northwoods Holiday") Okay, got questions? Wanna just give me a shout out, well then you can e-mail me at rob@mistersuave.com, and if you're more of the web 2.0 type then you can check out Mr. Suave on Facebook or Myspace and friend up with me. Now: a heads up for you all. I'm going to have another very special modcast next week, Mod Essentials: In the Beginning. Recently a friend asked me what mod is and if I could put together a short playlist of the most quintessential, foundational, mod songs. And you know, I was blown away by how hard it was. I found that you can't narrow down to a dozen or so the most quintessential mod songs. Not to mention it's a totally subjective thing. What I think of as quintessential mod songs will be much different than another mod's picks. And what is quintessential, again it's pretty subjective. When I first got interested in mod music, I think I would define it as those were the songs that made me a mod early on, the songs that I simply loved that were already considered mod songs. Later as I discovered all sorts of new music, I would say that it was songs that when I heard them they make me think mod, they make me think of the mod sound and what it means to be a mod. Anyhow, the question got me to thinking: I bet there a lot of people who'd be interested in hearing what I think are the most essential mod songs. So, I'm going to do a periodic series of modcasts picking the dozen or so most essential mod sounds each time, corresponding with a specific genre unique to mods, or a specific mod era. Next week I'm starting where you should start, at the beginning, in the sixties. Thank you to Mark for asking the question of what a mod is and what mod music sounds like and getting this ball rolling. Finally, I want to thank all my listeners for the past two years and 100 modcasts. Especially, a big thank you to Ken from The Shingles, as well as shout outs to other supporters who help make this show rock and roll -- like Dean from The Eddies, Steve Rinaldi of Rinaldi Sings, Mike Tholefsen, and the lovely Mrs. Suave -- can't wait for you to get home because Baby You've Got It. Mod on! Bonus Videos: The Funseekers - Make You Mine (Live Mods Mayday '89) Rinaldi Sings -- Avenues and Alleyways Download This week's background music: Lalo Schifrin.