July 13, 2008

Modcast #99: Time for Power Pop's Wild Weekend

Word is spreading of a very wild weekend coming up soon. The official Wild Weekend in fact, the Wild Weekend Power Pop Festival in Austin, TX on August 29th and 30th. Just to be clear I am (unfortunately) not getting a dime, nor a nickel nor a penny, nor anything else, for plugging this gig. It's just an effing fantastic lineup of power pop bands new and old. One that, if I wasn't poor, and old and lame, I would damn sure be getting my ass down to Texas for. You can get your ass over here to find out how to get tickets.

The line up is pretty spectacular with some legends of the genre coming together for the show: The Boys, The Pointed Sticks, 20/20 and Nikki Corvette to name a few. Nikki has even recorded some new material in the last year or two. The others have played some limited reunions, but these will be the first, or the most prominent, of such shows in the US for most of these guys. And it's about time.

Thankfully, to keep the dinosaurs in line, there are a few new kids on the block doing their best to give punk rock a solid power pop public send up: The Baby Shakes with their blistering girl group meets garage rock sound, the Cute Lepers (maybe my fave of the whole shebang) with their welcome back to '79 sound, and The Pleasure Kills with their Blondie rules sound. Sound good? Damn straight.

All in all this might be the best festival line up of the summer. How could I not give you a taste of that?

Get out your skinny ties, it's power pop time.
Bonus Videos

Cute Lepers -- Terminal Boredom

The Boys -- Terminal Love / See you later

The Ugly Beats -- Bring Her Down

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