June 24, 2024

Modcast #563: Twistin' Summer Punk Party

This is Modcast #563, Mr. Suave's Twistin' Summer Punk Party, and it is packed I tell you, absolutely packed with the best songs of the moment. Lots of new music coming your way, plus some diamond geezers.

Listen Now

Brad Marino -- Shut Down (2024)
Mark Ward -- I've Been Around (2024)
The Diff -- Tanya (1979/2024)
Famous Groupies -- One Heartbeat Away (2019)
The Baseball Project -- Broken Man (2008)
The Shirts -- Move On Groove On (2024)
Paul Weller Movement -- Here's A New Thing (1991)

Love Fiend -- Hard Feelings (2024)
Hell Beach -- Licked With Fire (2024)
Suzie True -- Leeches (Play Dead) (2024)
The Clash -- Deny (1977)
Redd Kross -- I'll Take Your Word For It (2024)
The Shang Hi-Los -- Morganatic Panic (2024)
Junior Varsity Allstars -- Back To Reno (2024)

Bonus Third Set

The Bakesys - So Bring Your Fists Of Fury

The Pill - Bale of Hay

The DIFF - Can't Stop Tonite

Jah Wobble featuring Mark Stewart - A Very British Coup

J Prozac - Problems

Picture Parlour - Dial Up

Let's Active - Every Word Means No

New Hearts Just Another Teenage Anthem