May 23, 2024

Modcast #561: Playing Hooky

Cast your mind back to '84 and remember when you used to play hooky from school on a sunny day. If you were like me you had to have some music along for the ride. I liked to concoct my own mix tapes with whatever was musically catching my ear's fancy at the time. Recently I came across notes I'd made with track listings for old mix tapes and this one jumped out to me, and I thought hey why not remix that one for a modcast. And here it is.

Listen Now

The Ramones -- Rockaway Beach (1977)
Jan & Dean -- Surf City (1963)
The Surf Raiders -- KUK (1984)
Steve Goodman -- Don't Get Sand In It (1982)
The Surf Punks -- Shark Attack (1982)
The Who -- The Real Me (1973)
Madness -- Shut Up (1981)
The Go-Go's -- We Got The Beat (1981)
The Monkees -- Let's Dance On (1967)
The Creation -- Biff bang Pow (1967)
The Kinks -- David Watts (1967)

JJ Jackson -- But Its Alright (1967)
The Four Tops -- Standing In The Shadows Of Love (1967)
The English Beat -- Twist And Crawl (1980)
The Modsters -- Why Aren't You Dreaming (1984)
The Untouchables -- Twist'N'Shake (1982)
The Question -- Easy (1983)
Social Distortion -- Telling Them (1983)
The Jam -- Start (1982)
The Piranhas -- Fiddling While Babylon Burns (1980)
The Gleaming Spires -- Are You Ready For The Sex Girls (1981)

Bonus Third Set
JJ Jackson -- But Its Alright

The Targets - The Perfect Guy

The Nails - 88 Lines About 44 Women

The Three O'Clock - Stupid Einstein

Angel & The Reruns - Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boys

The Jetz - Dance With Me

The Toy Dolls - We're Mad

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