January 21, 2024

Modcast #554: En Fuego!

This modcast is red hot and on fire. It is so smokin' hot you're gonna need pot holders for your ears. You're gonna wanna listen again and again.

Listen Now

R.M.F.C. -- Human State (2023)
The Briefs -- The Thought Police Are On The Bus (2019)
Brad Marino -- (She's) Doing Her Thing (2023)
The Dogmatics -- I Can't Get Over Your (2023)
Cindy Lawson -- I Don't Want You Anymore (2023)
Drool Brothers -- Maybe (2023)
The Happy Somethings & Slovenly Boy -- No More (2023)

Emperor Penguin -- The Persuaders (2024)
Levitation Room -- Revelations (2024)
The Popdudes -- Sunshine (2023)
James Clark Institute -- Waiting On The Waitress (2023)
Stars Like Ours -- What's Going Wrong (2023)
The Incurables -- When I Grow Up (2023)
The Bangles - Silent Treatment (1984)
The Screens -- King For A Day (2020)

Bonus Third Set

Star Collector - Halfway Home

Graduate - Ever Met a Day

Emperor Penguin -- LadyBird

Annie Taylor - Schoolgirl

Mr. T Experience - I Vell For You

Velvet Two Stripes - Boots Walkin' All Over You

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