April 7, 2023

Modcast #537: Turn It Up with The Decibels

This week I'm joined by veteran rockers Dean and Brent Seavers of The Decibels, one of the best mod friendly, power pop acts of the past thirty years (yes we're all that old, get used to it).

With five albums already under their belt they are back this year with a brand new release, When Red Lights Flash. And it rocks. It's got an accessibility to it that is familiar, but with enough newness to keep it fresh beginning to end. Songs like Enough, with it's very mod opening that lets you know right where you're at, and then takes you on a power pop ride that doesn't slow down until the last lick. The album is chock full gems like this, He Thinks He's Right, Today Is Your Day could have fallen off a Plimsouls or Knack album. And there's lots of echoes of the sixties like The Beatles, The Who and The Zombies. Nothing here will disappoint. Get on over to bandcamp and get yourself a copy.

Listen Now

The Decibels -- Something New (2001)
The Decibels -- Stupidity (2018)
The Decibels -- He Thinks He's Right (But He's Wrong) (2023)
The Decibels -- Change (1997)
The Decibels -- Overcast Day (2001)
The Decibels -- This Might Be The End (2023)

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The Decibels - Overcast Day (live)

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