October 16, 2022

Modcast #522: Mod Pop Rock

Modcast 522The modcast is back with a biff bang pow of 1980s power poppin' mod friendly rock and roll. Thanks some old mates reminiscing with me I've come up with a whole bunch of really great songs including some rarities, some more obscure stuff, but also a few more familiar things as well. Get to listenin'.

Listen Now

The Absolute Beginners -- Southern Beat (1984)
Radio Radio -- Signed With A Star (1983)
The Girls -- Beg Your Pardon (1988)
The colors -- Popstar (1982)
The Verdix -- Lookin' Around (1981)
Linda and the Dark -- Where Have All The Good Times Gone (1981)
The Indicators -- No Age For Love (1982)
Manual Scan -- Nothing Can Be Everything (1986)

The Dazzlers -- Heartdrop (1979)
The Donkeys -- Don't Go (1981)
Dirty Looks -- Let Go (1981)
Smart Alec -- Do What I Have To (1980)
Tranzista -- Roll On Friday (198?)
The Secrets -- I Can Dance Better (1982)
The Fictions -- I Let Go (1980)
The Corsairs -- Today (1984)
The Young Lords -- Big Burden (1980)

Bonus Third Set

Smart Alec - Scooter Boys

Linda and the Dark - Horror Movies

Zero-One! - You're The One

The Rats - Can't Stand Back

The Spikes - Tell It On

The Cold - Do The Dance

Division 4 - Stop Dreaming

The Rave - Take Me To The Movies!