June 6, 2022

Modcast #516: Pick Your Poison

Here's your counternmeasure to crappy music. Lotsa cool, new rock and roll for you on this week's modcast, as well as a few cool throwbacks nestled in there just for fun. You'll feel better in no time.

Listen Now

The Legendary Swagger -- She (2022)
The Chelsea Curve -- Nuthin' Going On (2022)
The Living Dolls -- She's On My Mind (2019)
The Three O'Clock -- Fall To The Ground (1983)
Cindy Lawson -- I'm Not The Only One (2022)
The Darts -- Shit Show (2022)
The Wylde Gooms -- You Did Me Wrong (2022)
The Purple Hearts -- Let's Get A Burger Man (1985)

Marc Platt -- Sweetest Sound (2018)
The Sadies -- Stop And Start (2022)
JoBoxers -- Don't Keep The Ladies Waiting (1996)
Bennet -- Someone Always Gets There First (1993)
Oridnary Boys -- The Higher The Highs (2006)
The Spitfires -- Promised Land (2022)
The Strypes -- Turnin' My Back (2017)
In Deed -- Don't Kill The Babe (2022)

Bonus Third Set

The Hazmats -- Empty Room

The Chelsea Curve - "Nuthin' Goin' On"

Flying Raccoon Suit -- Driftwood

The Cigarettes -- You Were So Young

The Wyld Gooms- City of People

The Crooks -- The Beat Goes On

Walker Brigade -- Choker

The Sadies -- Lay Down Your Arms - Translucent Sparrow - Another Year Again

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