April 19, 2021

Modcast #478: This Is It

No more rehearsing and nursing of parts, this is it, the show of shows, and who knows what heights we're gonna hit with this one. They say a good day starts with a good breakfast. So, a good week should start with a good modcast. Kick off your week with Modcast #478: This Is It.

Listen Now

The Lodger -- Black And White (2021)
The False Positives -- Do It Wrong All Over Again (2021)
Local Drags -- Think Straight (2021)
Pale Lips -- Doo-Wop Showaddywaddy (2019)
The Forty Nineteens -- Time Marches On (2021)
Radio Days -- I Got A Love (2020)
Skinny -- Eyes Wide Open (2012)
The Credits -- A New Direction (2018)

Parade -- Dressed for Club And Country (2015)
The Cheap Cassettes -- Lil' Bit Everyday (2021)
Irene Peña -- Wherever You Are (2021)
The Shake -- What You Got To Say (2019)
Triptides -- It Won't Hurt You (2021)
The Routes -- Mesmerised (2021)
Sharp Class -- Time Meant Nothing To Me (2021)
Bruce Moody -- One Desire (198?)

Sharp Class – Living For Kicks (Acoustic)

Triptides - Hand of Time

Radio Days -- Till the End of the Night