February 23, 2020

Modcast #444: The Rim Ram Room

Time for something a little different. I've packed out this show with mid-century rat packers, swingers, and singers such as Frank Sinatra, Wynonie Harris, Bobby Darin, Dinah Washington, Julie London and more.

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Frank Sinatra -- Bim Bam Baby
Della Reese -- Why Don't You Do Right
Jo Stafford -- The Gentleman Is A Dope
Peggy Lee -- I'm Gonna Go Fishin'
Blossom Dearie -- Rhode Island Is Famous For You
Bobby Darin -- Gyp The Cat
Sammy Davis Jr. -- Too Close For Comfort
Nat King Cole -- L-O-V-E
Vic Damone -- Little Girl
Dean Martin -- Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
Wynonie Harris -- Quiet Whiskey
Dinah Washington -- Me & My Gin
Doris Day -- Cuttin' Capers
Ann-Margaret -- Thirteen Men
Mel Henke -- The Lively Ones

Jeanne Gayle -- Bim Bam Baby

Nat King Cole Trio -- Little Girl

Chet Baker & Art Pepper Sextet - Little Girl

Ann Margret & Al Hirt - Little Boy (Little Girl)


Dfactor said...

Cool! I've not heard "Bim Bam Baby" before. This song was from Sinatra's fallow years with Mitch Miller, right? When he was trying (almost) anything?
I liked it! But I also like "My Lean Baby" too!


Mr. Suave said...

Yes, Sinatra was doing whatever he could at the time it seems, sometimes with better results than others. I like My Lean Baby too, but Bim Bam Baby's tempo is just more swingin' IMHO