September 6, 2019

Modcast #435: Lean Into It

Here we go again with Modcast #435, packed with great music as always.

Listen Now

The Truth -- Keep On Keeping On (2019)
Pale Lips -- Mary-Lou Sniffin' Glue (2016)
The Control Freaks -- I Hate Your Face (2019)
Sour Ops -- Tinder Flame (2019)
Dollyrots -- Do You Love Me (2019)
Right Here -- More Delusions (2019)
The Not Amused -- Punks In Parkas (2016)
Slumberjet -- (Theme From) Our Street (2019)
Seazoo -- Throw It Up (2019)
The Safes -- Universal Heartbeat (2019)
The Embryos -- Wake Up Screaming (2019)
TV's Daniel -- Maybe We'll All Die (2019)
Redd Kross -- The Party Underground (2019)
Eli Paperboy Reed -- Burn Me Up (2019)

The Not Amused

The Dollyrots -- In Your Face

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Unknown said...

Excellent as usual Mr. Suave. Enjoyed listening to The Truth. Took me back to the early 80s when Mod was a way of life. Soul was our thing, and the great Northern Soul and Motown sound was the heartbeat we owed our existence to. It's good to know that this continues. For us old English Faces, please play anything by The Action. To us they were, and still are, the ultimate Mod band, and certainly deserve that. We literally danced all night to their sweet soul sounds.

Mr. Suave said...

Thanks! Glad you're liking the show. Always loved the Rolled Gold Action compilation.

Unknown said...

Me too, particularly 'Come Around' and 'Brain'. Hardly a week passes without me playing it. Still seems fresh. Thanks for the show. Will keep listening