December 31, 2018

Modcast #422: Faves of 2018

This is it, the end of another year. 2018 is bowing out and 2019 is stepping up to the plate. This past year was a pretty damn good one for new music. So much so that it's taken me weeks to really filter through the crop and pick just the ripest bits of tasty musical fruit. Tons of good bands simply didn't make the cut, not because they didn't produce good stuff, but just because I only have one more hour this year and so you're going to get just the tastiest bits. The bands that didn't make the show could have a show of their own like The Mads, The Chats, Alkaline Trio, Faz Waltz, Outtacontrollers, the Darts, The Vaccines, The Interrupters, and The Laissez Faires. Which means what remains is going to give you one hell of a ride.

Listen Now

The Peawees -- Christine
Michael Simmons -- Bucket List
Caroline Rose -- Soul No. 5
Dot Dash -- Fast Parade
Dream Machine -- Buried Alive
The Damned -- Procrastination
The Fratellis -- Starcrossed Losers
The Spitfires -- The New Age
Parquet Courts -- Total Football
Stone Foundation -- Don't Walk Away
Monophonics -- Beggin'
André M -- You Can't Change
Delvon Lamarrr Organ Trio -- Close But No Cigar
Fontaines DC -- Winter Sun

The Peawees -- Walking Through My Hell