November 23, 2018

Modcast #419: Bits & Pieces

Here we are nearing the end of the year and entering into holiday season. So, no holiday music! Just a whole bunch of great songs that I've been wanting to play on and off for a while. A few new tracks and lots of others spanning the gamut of time and genre.

In other news, Suave Manor is getting remodeled and my regular studio office has been relocated to the basement. So, if things sound a bit different that is probably why. As you can see from this on the spot shot of the modcast coming to form, it's not a bad room. Pretty cool in fact as I can stare some of my favorite framed records. Soon all will be right in my suave little corner of the universe and I'll have a newly remodeled office where I can once again work my magic.

Listen Now

Heavyball -- The Perils of Midweek Drinking (2017)
The Rooks -- Friends of Mine (2000)
Mike Daly & The Planets -- Eelctricity (2017)
Sick Rose -- Girl On A Train (2014)
Daisy -- Little Love (2017)
The Devonns -- Come Back (2018)
Cocktail Slippers -- Who Are You (2007)
Buster Shuffle -- Pretty Boy (2017)
B-Back -- Brother Ringo (2006)
The Fall Outs -- Bury My Body (1996)
The Letters --- Nobody Loves Me (1979)
Wyldlife -- Teenage Heart (2018)
Rockpile --Queen of Hearts (Live) (1980)
Dirt Royal -- It Was You (2015)
The Strypes -- (I Need A Break From) Holidays (2017)
The Haywains -- I'm Still Waiting (1993)

The Fall-Outs -- Here I Come

Buster Shuffle - We Fall To Pieces