November 6, 2016

Modcast #373: The Ladies of Britpop

This week's show is focused on Britpop's leading ladies. The boys of Britpop have got their due over the years, but in my opinion the ladies are all too often forgotten. So here they are in all their musical glory.  

Listen Now

Kenickie -- Punka (1996)
The Audience -- I Know Enough ( I Don't Get Enough) (1998)
The Darling Buds -- Think Of Me (1988)
The Flatmates -- Happy All The Time (1985)
Velocette -- Get Yourself Together (1999)
Republica -- Drop Dead Gorgeous (1996)
Sleeper -- Delicious (1995)
Sleeper -- Lie Detectors (1996)
Dubstar -- No Morscrite (1997
Echobelly -- Car Fiction (1994)
Fluffy -- I Wanna Be Your Lush (1997)
Salad -- Drink The Elixir (1995)
Elastica -- Waking Up (1995)
Lush -- Hypocrite (1994)
The Popguns -- Living In Sin (1991)

Northern Soulshaker Cocktail

Saffron Interview

Fluffy -- Nothing

Echobelly -- King of the Kerb

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Anonymous said...

Hi - Great looking set. However, the podomatic download page is failing to load. Could you please re-up?

Mr. Suave said...

Yes, Podomatic has been a bit glitch of late. See tech note above. Modcast #373 now available here as well: Sorry for the inconvenience. ~Mr. Suave

Anonymous said...

Go Sonics! crusing gravity hill in Kent I lost my earplugs damn it.They do make good steelhead lures at the green.2017 is here and wow wht a ride so far.