July 17, 2016

Modcast #364: C'mon Get Happy

If last week I was down, down, down, this week I'm up, up, up. Got some great, get happy sort of music for you on this week's show.

Listen Now

The Mads -- On The Bus (2016) (Bandcamp)
Outtacontroller -- Television Zombie (2015)
The Zolas -- Swooner (2016)
Fashionism -- Subculture Suicide (2016)
Parasites -- You Make Me Feel Good (2012)
The Lash Outs -- Sha La La (2016)
The Woggles -- Somebody's Been Sleepin' (2015)
The Sonics -- Be A Woman (2015)
Dexters -- Suburban Sex Dungeon (2015)
Dot Dash -- Daddy Long Legs (2016)
Chris Stamey -- Universe Sized Arms (2015)
B-Movie -- Climate Of Fear (2016)
Weezer -- Thank God For Girls (2016)
Gary Ritchie -- Lonely Out In Space (2016)
Squeeze -- Happy Days (2015)

Northern Soulshaker Cocktail

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The Woggles -- Get Down With It


Ice Cream Man said...

Great. I met Manfred in LA when I was over, top bloke and a great show man!

Mr. Suave said...

Yup, really looking forward to seeing The Woggles at Tiki Oasis in San Diego later this month.