December 7, 2015

Modcast #345: The Big Booze Show

Here it is, the last thing we really needed for a modcast, a complete show of alcohol related songs. But, what's done is done. And now it's probably even a bit overdone.

As promised the recipe for what I'm drinking this week:
Coconut Kahlua Latte
2 oz. Kahlua
2 tbsp cream of coconut
1 double tall latte (2 shots espresso 3/4 cup steamed milk)
2 tbsp. of white sugar
pinch of cinnamon

Listen Now

The Gymslips -- Drink Problem (1983)
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy -- Gimme That Wine (2012)
Voodoo Organist -- Whiskey River (2011)
Love Jones -- Alcohol and Little Pills (2010)
Dinah Washington -- Me and My Gin (1958)
Lou Rawls -- Scotch and Soda (1963)
The Fonxinaires feat. Brandy Butler -- Gin and Tonic (2009)
Bang Girl Group Revue -- Drink In Hand (2010)
UB40 -- Red Red Wine (1983)
Dr. Feelgood -- Milk and Alcohol (1978)
The Who -- Whiskey Man (1966)
The Forty-Fives -- Drinkin' with No. 3 (2000)
Dirty Pretty Things -- Gin and Milk (2006)
Rain Parade -- Cheap Wine (1985)

Nick & Nora Charles' best alcohol moments from The Thin Man series

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