November 9, 2015

Modcast #343: Time For Action

It's action time in the mod lounge, and I'm bringing you all new music to get the party started. And for those of you hoping to imbibe a bit during the show you can follow along at home with these simple instructions!

  • 6oz. Whiskey
  • Healthy splash of sweet vermouth
  • Splash --or two-- black walnut bitters
  • Shake over ice and serve straight up

  • Listen Now

    Action Jets -- After The Show (2015)
    Button Up -- Never Knowing (2015)
    French Boutik -- End Of The Line (2015)
    I Rudi -- Nei Confini (2015)
    Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott -- Heatongrad (2015)
    The Strypes -- Best Man (2015)
    The Sonics -- Be A Woman (2015)
    Archie & The Bunkers -- Miss Taylor (2015)
    Deep Creep -- Move A Little
    Vidunder -- In And Out Of Mind (2015)
    The Fallen Leaves -- Out In A Forest (2015)
    The Higher State -- In A World That Just Don't Care (2015)
    Paul Messis -- The Blind Leading The Blinder (2015)
    Dot Dash -- Winter Of Our Discontent (2015)
    Wavves -- Way Too Much (2015)
    Vista Blue -- It's Rizzo (2015)
    Jakob Danger -- King Of The World (2015)

    I Rudi - Sha La La La Lee

    Action Jets - "Action Jets (Time for the)"

    1 comment:

    Dfactor said...

    Big love for Action Jets! Cool!