October 15, 2015

Modcast #340: The New Art School

It's a bit of a cliché, forming a band while you're in art school. Or college. Or any school at all. But that's because it happens quite a bit. So I've collected a whole bunch of bands whose origins go back to art school mostly, though occasionally college as well. Ready to get schooled?

Listen Now

The Jam -- Art School (1977)
The Kinks -- Misty Water (1968)
The Who -- The Punk and The Godfather (1973)
The Doors -- Love Street (1968)
Pink Floyd -- Mathilda Mother (1967)
Talking Heads -- Once In A Lifetime (1980)
The Diodes -- Child Star (1977)
Devo -- Girl U Want (1980)
The Clash -- This Is Radio Clash (1981)
The New Hearts -- Just Another Teenage Anthem (1977)
The Boys -- Stop, Stop, Stop (1978)
Franz Ferdinand -- Cheating On You (2004)
The Rifles -- Long Walk Back (2012)
Material Issue -- Out Right Now (1991)
The Cure -- In Between Days (1985)

The Diodes -- Catwalker

The Diodes -- Tired Of Waking Up Tired

Talking Heads - Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)