August 30, 2015

Modcast #337: The Fall Classics

Fall is in the air. Damn, seems like only last week I was doing a dog-days-of-summer soundtrack. Welcome to the changing of the seasons modcast. It's time for fall classics, so I've compiled a whole bunch of what I call fall classics for you, as well as paying homage to the fall classic which is going to sneak up on us pretty quickly now. So grab your glove, put on your rally caps because we're going out to the ball game, right after some brand new music.

Listen Now

Pelicans and their Allies -- Just Like July (2015)
The Corner Laughers -- Octavia A (2015)
Paul Weller -- I'm Where I Should Be (2015)
Joe Jackson -- A Little Smile (2015)
The Young Evils -- Touch Tone Lovers (2012)
The Tea Cozies -- Dead Man's Sister (2011)
Vista Blue -- We're Outta The Pennant Race (2015)
The Baseball Project -- Panda And The Freak (2011)
New Marines -- I Like Baseball (1980)
Albert Jones -- Vida Blue (1971)
Jimmy Bee -- Vida Blue Pt. 1 (1971)
The Intruders -- Love Is Like A Baseball Game (1968)
Sam & Dave -- Knock It Outta The Park (1970)
The Corner Laughers -- I'd Rather Count Comorants With You (2012)

The Young Evils -- Renegades