April 30, 2015

Modcast #327: The Comp Of Comps

Everybody likes a good compilation album. This week I'm highlighting a bunch of really great 80s comps from power pop to mod to punk. Back in the 80s when finding good music took more than a Google search and mouse click, compilation albums could help turn you on to new and cool sounds. I remember finding the 20 Of Another Kind Vol. 2 album which had tracks from The Jam and Purple Hearts. At least half of the other bands on the album I'd never heard of before, but I bought it in the hopes of finding new mod friendly tunes. I bought a lot of compilations back then, and all of the records represented on this week's show were ones that I bought myself between 1980-1990, and played the hell out of them for years afterwards. I'm hoping to highlight some lesser known things, or some things that are otherwise hard to come by, so you may not be hearing a lot of your own favorites. Speaking of which, if you had a favorite compilation back in the day, drop me a line on the show's Facebook page and let me know what it was.

Listen Now

RAF -- Want You To Know (2015)
Agent Orange -- Bloodstains (1980, Rodney On The Roq)
Social Distortion -- Lude Boy (1981, Hell Comes To Your House)
Red Cross -- Annettes Got The Hits (1980, The Siren)
Thee Fourgiven -- Spiders In My Sink (1985, Garage Sale)
The Unclaimed -- Walk On The Water (1985, Garage Sale)
Boy (You Got Me Good) -- Wednesday Week (1983, Warfrat Tales)
Brand New Drug -- The Last (1983, Warfrat Tales)
The Not Quite -- War Or Hands Of Time (1986, Declaration Of Fuzz)
The Fezmen -- So Easy Baby (1984, Battle Of The Garages #2)
Sex Museum -- Drugged Personality (1986, Battle Of The Garages #4)
The Mutts -- Anxious Color (1984, Battle Of The Garages #3)
Solid State -- Train To London Town (1985, Cutting Edge)
Patrick Fitzgerald -- Improve Myself (1980, 20 Of Another Kind Vol. 2)
The Daggermen -- Ivor, The Engine Driver (1988, The Final Countdown)
The Merton Parkas -- You Say You Will (1987, The Beat Generation And Angry Young Men)
The Jolt -- No Excuses (1979, 20 Of Another Kind)

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