April 30, 2014

Modcast #298: Flashback to '94

Just like some girls' mothers, some years are bigger than other years. One of the great mod friendly years in musical history happens to be back 20 years ago, Before the internet, before MP3s became ubiquitous, back to when vinyl was still dead, CDs ruled the musical universe. Before ipads, pods or phones. Hell John Major was still in 10 Downing street and things were just about to really get wild. 1994 brought us lounge music, pop punk, Britpop, and acid jazz. Now I'm bringing 1994 to you.

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Listen Now

Combustible Edison -- Cadillac
These Animal Men -- Who's The Daddy Now
Sleeper -- Twisted
Elastica -- Stutter
Oasis -- Live Forever
Blur -- End Of A Century
Green Day -- She
Weezer -- Buddy Holly
The Offspring -- Come Out And Play
Pizzicato Five -- Sweet Soul Revue
Stereolab -- Ping Pong
Corduroy -- Don't Wait For Monday
The Beautiful South -- Good As Gold (Stupid As Mud)
Swing Out Sister -- Don't Let Yourself Down
The Night Trains -- Lovesick
Pulp -- Babies

Oasis - Shakermaker (Live, 1994)

Pizzicato Five -- Baby Love Child