March 21, 2014

Modcast #295: Singing About The Ladies

It's all about the ladies this week in the mod world. I mean, it's always all about the ladies in my world, except when it's all about the cocktails. I was about half way through putting the show together when I realized all the songs had one thing in common. They all had a woman's name in the title. So, I figured what the hell it's as good a theme as any and I rounded out the set list with more songs about girls. Pretty good mix too, if I do say so myself.

Listen Now

The Decibels -- Allison (2004)
Elvis Costello -- Veronica (1989)
Material Issue -- Diane (1991)
Pixies -- Allison (1988)
Green Day -- Amanda (2013)
Little Murders -- What's The Matter With Mary (1980)
Squire -- Does Stephanie Know (1981)
The Jam -- Liza Radley (1980)
The Jetset -- Judy's Toybox (1986)
The Move -- Stephanie Knows Who (1968)
The Standells -- Eleanor Rigby (1966)
Boyce & Heart -- Alice Long ( You're Still My Favorite Girlfriend)(1968)
The Darling Buds -- Mary's Got To Go (1988)
The Lolas -- Me & Barbara Stancyck (2006)
The Cheesedogs -- Rita Jenrette (1981)
The Dogs -- Shakin' With Linda (1982)

Material Issue -- Diane

The Dogs -- Too Much Class For The Neighbourhood

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Pete said...

These off the top of my head and what happened to be on a nearby shelf:
Songs about girls:
- Blur: "Maggie May"
- Eurovox: "Victoria"
- Everyday Things: "Colleen, Colleen"
- Fuzztones: "Cinderella"
- DC Fontana: "Wynona Ryder"
- Galileo 7: "Ella" + "Anne Hedonia"
- Immediates: "Mrs Applegate"
- JTQ: "Mrs Robinson"
- Kick: "Julie London"
- Len Price 3: "Julia Jones"
- Makin' Time: "Sent a Letter to Mary"
- Mando Diao: "Gloria"
- Men of North Country: "Pandora"
- Mod Fun: "Mary Goes Round"
- Mr Bridger: "Becky"
- Prisoners: "Melanie"
- Ramones: "Sheena Is a Punk Rocker"
- Squire: "Debbie Jones"
- Them: "Gloria"
- Threads: "Allison"
- Who: "Pictures of Lily"+ "Mary Ann with the Shaky Hand"
Great idea for clinically obsessive compilers.

Mr. Suave said...

Good list, several of these were under consideration for the show.