February 12, 2014

Modcast #292: More Sounds From Studio 66

As the cold, cold winter of our discontent slouches across the country, it also sees fit to deliver me a seasonal bout of the flu. Have no fear though, I have a bunch of great music lined up for you this week. As you will be able to tell from my voice, I've been suffering from a bit of cold and flu. So, rather than torture my voice, or the ears of those of you listening to it, this week I again keep my remarks short and sweet and deliver you another great hour of music. Like my last show, this is another of the sets I spun up at the recent Studio 66 mod night here in Seattle.

Listen Now

The Untouchables -- Free Yourself
The Three O'Clock -- When Lightning Strikes
The Jetz -- Dance With Me
The Pandoras -- Stop Pretending
The Jam -- In The Midnight Hour
The Aces -- One Way Street
Squire -- Girl On A Train
Lambrettas -- Daaance
The Jet Set -- Count The Beating Hearts
The Gents -- New Direction
Purple Hearts --My Life's A Jigsaw
The Times --Whatever Happened To Thames Beat
Makin' Time -- Honey
Terry Tonik -- Just A Little Mod
Ministers Of The Groove -- Getting Out Of Your Life
The Graduate -- Elvis Should Play Ska
New Street Adventure -- Small Town Heroes
RAF -- We Are The Mods
Quitty & The Don'ts -- It's Not A Crime
The Apemen -- I Got Soul
The Madd -- Going All The Way

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RAF -- (It's a) Modern World

The Pandoras -- Hot Generation


Pete said...

Very enjoyable! That run from Squire to Makin' Time nearly made me cry! Reminded me of me of my lost youth in the Eighties. Always thought that the Gents had some great tunes in their arsenal, but were sometimes let down by the instrumentation - those synth drums! "Thames Beat" always reminds me of the first time I played the Countdown Compilation. Great stuff this.

Mr. Suave said...

Glad you liked it. The Countdown Compilation is definitely in my top 3 comps of all time. I played the hell out of that thing when I got it.

Mr. Suave said...
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Nick said...

Very nice website Mr Suave - first visit. But point of pedantry: "The UK" is NOT out of the World Cup, because "The UK" were never in it, ever.

It's "England".

Hope I didn't send you to Zzzzzzzzzz