February 12, 2014

Modcast #292: More Sounds From Studio 66

As the cold, cold winter of our discontent slouches across the country, it also sees fit to deliver me a seasonal bout of the flu. Have no fear though, I have a bunch of great music lined up for you this week. As you will be able to tell from my voice, I've been suffering from a bit of cold and flu. So, rather than torture my voice, or the ears of those of you listening to it, this week I again keep my remarks short and sweet and deliver you another great hour of music. Like my last show, this is another of the sets I spun up at the recent Studio 66 mod night here in Seattle.

Listen Now

The Untouchables -- Free Yourself
The Three O'Clock -- When Lightning Strikes
The Jetz -- Dance With Me
The Pandoras -- Stop Pretending
The Jam -- In The Midnight Hour
The Aces -- One Way Street
Squire -- Girl On A Train
Lambrettas -- Daaance
The Jet Set -- Count The Beating Hearts
The Gents -- New Direction
Purple Hearts --My Life's A Jigsaw
The Times --Whatever Happened To Thames Beat
Makin' Time -- Honey
Terry Tonik -- Just A Little Mod
Ministers Of The Groove -- Getting Out Of Your Life
The Graduate -- Elvis Should Play Ska
New Street Adventure -- Small Town Heroes
RAF -- We Are The Mods
Quitty & The Don'ts -- It's Not A Crime
The Apemen -- I Got Soul
The Madd -- Going All The Way

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RAF -- (It's a) Modern World

The Pandoras -- Hot Generation