November 21, 2013

Modcast #284: Biff Bang Power Pop Vol. 2

That's right, it's power pop time here at suave headquarters, Of course, it is almost always power pop time here, I mean when isn't a good time for some power pop right? This is Volume 2 of Biff Bang Power Pop, and if you're so inclined you can download Vol 1 here (link coming soon I promise).

If anyone can tell me what inspired the image for this episode of the modcast I will give you .... a hearty "well done, good fellow." I'm sure a couple of you out there must know what I'm talking about.

Now, on with the show.

Listen Here

Ivy & The Teachers -- No More Plans (1981)
The 45s -- Devil of a Woman (2013)
Diesel -- Sound of the 60s (1984)
The Pleasure Seekers -- Never Thought You'd Leave Me (1964)
The Really 3rds -- Everyday, Everyway (1981)
Rotjoch -- Accident (1981)
The Nightriders -- I Saw Her With Another Guy (1979)
Moon Martin -- Hot House Baby (1979)
The Trends -- In My Dreams (1980)
The Invaders -- Rockin' in Boston (1980)
The Toms -- Let's Be Friends Again (1980)
The Hi-Fi's -- Look What You've Done (1978)
The Scientists -- Last Night (1980)
The Know -- I LIke Girls (1980)
Screen Gemz -- Teenage Teenage (1979)

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The 45s --It Ain't Over