August 14, 2013

Modcast #274: Everybody's Going To The Love-In

Not sure how it happened, it just did. This week's modcast has a decidedly garage rock feel to it. In putting the show together these songs just seemed to work. So, you get a little power pop, some new garagish songs, and a little bit of soul. What's not to like about that?

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Material Issue -- Out Right Now (1991)
Ballard -- I Won't Be Coming Home (2013)
The Primates -- I Go Ape (1986)
The Trip -- Never Too Late For Linda (1984)
Thee Gravemen -- Rockin' In The Graveyard (2012)
The Flips -- That Girl Stacey (2009)
Mystic Eyes -- I Lost My World (1985)
Mark & The Spies -- Everything I Need (2007)
The Excitements -- Let's Kiss & Make Up (2011)
JoJo Effect -- The Beat Goes On (2005)
Action Now -- I Want You (1981)
Secret Service -- You've Been Gone For So Long (1988)
Last -- She Don't Know Why I'm Here (1977)
New Salem Witch Hunters -- At The Border (1986)
Hello -- Teenage Revolution (1975)

The Last -- Wrong Turn

Mark & the Spies - Won't Work On Me

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