July 31, 2013

Modcast #273: Instant Action

Welcome to the real world people. This week's show is full of instant action, and is what's real for mods in the world today. And yesterday. And maybe tomorrow.

Speaking of yesterday, today and tomorrow, I've been ruminating of late about what are my top ten favorite songs. Turns out it's rather hard to do. Should I pick my absolute single favorite song in each of ten different genres? Or top ten songs in specific genres? But I'd be curious to know your thoughts about how one can go about picking out their top ten favorite songs. All time? All genres? One genre? Bands only? Solo artists? By decade perhaps? Leave me your thoughts below, or head on over to the modcast Facebook page at facebook.com/modmodworld and let me know what you think.

Listen Now

Too Much Saturn -- Photogenic
The Jam -- That's Entertainment
Elvis Costello and the Attractions -- I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down
The Godfathers -- If I Only Had Time
The Decibels -- Go Away
The Go -- Instant Reaction
The Early Hours -- Two Girls
Camera Obscura -- Do It Again
Belle and Sebastian -- Dirty Dream #2
Would-Be-Goods -- Emmanuaelle Baert
Small Faces -- You've Really Got A Hold On Me
George Baker Selection -- I Wanna Love You
The Artwoods -- I Take What I Want
Ever-green Blues -- Three's A Crowd
Dean Parrish -- Turn On Your Love Light
Aunt Nelly -- Daytrippin
US3 -- Cantaloop

The Godfathers - I'm Lost And Then I'm Found

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