January 8, 2013

Modcast #256: Mr. Suave's Best of 2012

Another year is in the history books, and what a year it was too. Musically speaking, 2012 was one of the best in recent memory. I mean my head is about to explode from listening to all the great music of the past year.

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The year was packed with great new releases, so many so that one modcast can't contain them all. Alas, all I have time and bandwidth for is sharing with you 15 of my favorites. Not necessarily the best of the year, but definitely 15 of my most listenend to, and most enjoyed throughout the year.

Having room for only 15 means there's a lot that just didn't make the list. My god, Madness, one of my all time fave bands released a pretty damn good album this year. But it isn't on this list. And shhhhh, I could lose my mod status for this probably but, you ain't gonna hear the modfather on this modcast either. That's right Weller didn't make the cut. Damn it, but that's how good this year was. Tons of artists had great new releases like the Broken Vinyl Club, Ska Vengers, Green Day, Trolley, Brenda Boykin, Dot Dash, New Mastersounds, Dilouya, Jack White, Monophonics and so many more. I loved all their albums, but at the end of the day I picked the albums that I loved most, that I played most. That's what makes it Mr. Suave's best of list. Enjoy.

Quantic & Alice Russel with The Combo Barbaro -- Boogaloo 33
The School -- Some Day My Heart Will Beat Again
Men of North Country -- Man of North Country
Mr. Day -- Caveman
The Bang Girl Group Revue -- Losing Control
The Strypes -- Leaving Here
The Ace -- Oh Yeah!
The Past Tense -- Lost Without Your Love
The Vaccines -- Teenage Icon
Miles Kane -- First of My Kind
The Primitives -- Till You Say You'll Be Mine
Stanley Road -- Mieres Bridge
The Gramotones -- Exile
Buster Shuffle -- Brothers and Sisters
The Corner Laughers -- Twice The Luck

Men of North Country -- Man of North Country

The Strypes -- You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover

Gramotones -- A Soldier's Kiss

Miles Kane -- Rearrange

The Past Tense -- Wolfman