January 29, 2012

Modcast #222: Just The Ladies This time

This week it's the ladies turn at Suave HQ. I realized that it's been a while since I did a show feturing just the ladies, so here it is. In going through my catalog I realized that while I have a lot of great female bands and singers, the ratio of male to female singers is about 30:1. Still, I did find some good stuff, so don't worry there's lots of X chromosomes coming your way. There are soul singers, garage rockers and guitar mavens. Got bands from the UK, the US, the Netherlands, Finland, and even Seattle just to name a few. Sort of an international estrogenfest you might say. There's some old, some young, some new, some famous, some obscure. Lots of fishes in the sea, as they say. So, cast your line and reel in some fresh ones on this week's modcast.

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Eleanor Rigby -- Getting Through The Day (198?)
Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators -- A Perect Kind Of Love (2005)
Laura Vane & The Vipertones -- Hours On Hours (2011)
Fonxinaires Feat. Brandy Butler -- Till You Love Me Too
Petula Clark -- Who Am I
Truly Smith -- Takin' Time Off (1966)
Tracey Rogers -- Back With You Baby (1967)
The School -- Valentine (2010)
The Like -- I Can See It In Your Eyes (2010)
Seapony -- Dreaming (2011)
Shocking Blue -- Send Me A Postcard (1968)
Daughters of Eve -- Don't Waste My Time (1966)
She -- Outta Reach (1970)
Looker -- Gates Of The Old City (2008)
Tiger Trap -- Words And Smiles (1993)
Madder Rose -- Beautiful John(1993)
Cocktail Slippers -- Give It To Me (2007)

Shocking Blue -- Mighty Joe

Looker - After My Divorce

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