June 28, 2011

Modcast #204: Where The Action Is

Welcome to where the action truly is. Another great episode of Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World is on the launching pad ready to send you to new heights of musical ecstasy. Among other things I've got a review of the latest release from garage rockers The Greenhornes (also known on occassion as The Raconteurs), as well as the usual mod friendly tracks from past and present.

Listen Now

Moondogs -- She's Nineteen (1979)
The News -- The Kids Are Dancing (1978)
Twist -- This Your Life (1979)
The Moderns -- Tell Me Where The Action Is (1980)
The Movements -- Vicious And Vast (2011)
Laura Vane & The Vipertones -- Stone Me (2011)
The Ace -- Hard Graft (2010)
Beatrevolver -- Understanding (2009)
The Accidents -- Calendar Girl (1980)
Earth Quake -- Lovin' Cup (1977)
Mr. Suave's Reviews You Can Use -- The Greenhornes
The Greenhornes -- Need Your Love (2010)
The Love Language -- Heart To Tell (2010)
Tiger Trap --Words And Smiles (1992)
Kristallin -- Mirror Man (1999)
The Selecter -- The Tide Is High (2002)

The Moondogs television show had seven episodes in 1981, and featured teh band playing live mixed with pop videos of the day. The theme tune to the show was their song, "Powerpop".

Moondogs -- Intro & Zulu

Moondogs -- Who's Gonna Tell Mary

Moondogs -- Embassy Love

Moondogs -- Dressed to Kill

Moondogs -- Popstar