April 19, 2011

A Bright Future For The Bright White

The picture at the left of two of The Bright White's perfectly depicts the band's split, yet complimentary, personality. On the one side there's the Britpop influence which undercuts much of the band's sound. On the other is an alternative rock sound that isn't exactly pegged to today's indie rock, but probably more to a late 80s early 90s alternative rock with a big power pop influence. It's no surprise then to seem them often compared to bands like Oasis and The Replacements. For me better comparisons might be something along the lines of The Verve and the Mighty Lemon Drops.

The Bright White is tight, tight, tight. The lyrics are tight. The musicianship is tight. And there's a restrained quality to the songs like maybe the band hasn't quite let itself go. When they do, watch out.

The lead track on their debut EP is Red Summer Rose and is likely to get the band instant attention and radio play. The five songs on the EP are all pretty good, but I have to say that the standouts for me are "Upon the Wall" and "We Are More Than Animals".

Since the band has yet to celebrate an anniversary of any note (six months doesn't count in my book) it's pretty amazing what they've accomplished thus far. Imagine what we'll be enjoying from them in a year or two.

The Bright White -- Upon The Wall