August 8, 2010

Modcast #174: Get Ready For Action - Featuring Sal from The Goldstars

Get ready for action, indeed! As always, this week on the modcast I've got another great show with lots of cool garage rock and power pop, and also including an interview with front man Sal of Chicago garage rockers The Goldstars. If you're not hip to The Goldstars then you're in for a treat. And if you're already cued in on the band well, you're still in for a treat.

Len Price 3 -- Man Who Used To Be (2010)
Material Issue -- 2 Steps (1997)
Mondo Topless -- Pick You Up (1998)
The Goldstars -- D.M.V. (2006)
Interview w/ Sal from The Goldstars Pt. 1
The Goldstars -- She's Gonna (2010)
Interview w/ Sal from The Goldstars Pt. 2
60 Ft. Dolls -- Back To The Summer (1998)
Small World -- Liberty (1982)

Len Price 3 -- Mr. Grey