May 23, 2010

Modcast #165: Back In The Saddle Again

As Nina Simone might have put it, I've been gone too long baby. It's been almost a full month since the last modcast. (It's been so long, that back then Seattlites were still thinking the Mariner's might go to the playoffs. How quickly things change.) Part of that time was just a much needed vacation for yours truly -- sadly, not a real vacation, just a vacation from producing the modcast, blogging, etc. Part of it was also a minor computer melt down that led to reformating my main machine as well some spring cleaning for all my hard drives and servers. All of which means, this show should really kick some ass. Here's hoping.

This is modcast #165. Modcast #1 was produced and posted online away back in May of 2006 if you can believe. So, I'm celebrating the show's fourth birthday this month and kicking off season five. To do so I've dug out a few mod deep cuts, some more recent indie pop sounds, a bit of soul here (and hear) and there, and am rolling out what I think is a very listenable and likable show. Again, here's hoping.

Eddie Mooney & The Grave -- Zombie (1978)
Haircut 100 -- Calling Capt. Autumn (Live NYC 1983)
Andy Lewis -- Till I Lost You (2006)
James Taylor Quartet -- Come See About Me (2007)
Back Seat Romeos -- Zero Ambition (1981)
The Risk -- It's So Strange (1987)
The Dansette -- This Is Your Life (1986)
Teenage Fanclub -- Slow Fade Pictures (2005)
The Icicles -- Chasing Fireflies (2007)
Sparkle Jets UK -- Sorry (2002)
Ministers Of The Groove -- Getting Our Of Your Life (1986)

The Risk - "Inside Straight" (from "Live at New Sounds" -1986)

James Taylor Quartet - Love Will Keep Us Together