May 4, 2007

Modcast #61 Here Comes The Summer

Welcome to episode #61 of the Mod World and I thought it wouldn't last three shows! Go figure. This week's show has a little something for everyone, I hope. Don't just take my word for it, actually listen to the music. You'll be blown away, I guarantee it. Cheers!

Listen Now
  • The Fratellis -- For the Girl
  • The Undertones - Here comes the summer
  • Lunchbox -- Evolver
  • The Kooks -- Eddies Gun
  • Mocean Worker -- Changes
  • Amy Winehouse -- You Know I'm no good
  • Manfred Mann - I'm Your Kingpin
  • Radio Stars - Nervous Wreck
  • The Boys from Nowhere - Beg
  • Diplomats of Solid Sound -- Hugh's Hefner
  • The Downliners Sect -- The Cost of Living

Bonus Video: Mocean Worker - Shake ya boogie