October 19, 2008

Modcast #106: You're Wondering Now

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It's a good day indeed when you can say that Stereolab is back, and back with a pop passion that they haven't had for some time. I saw them on Friday night here in Seattle, the first time I've ever seen the band live. Absolutley incredible show, incredible because for me it was like seeing a totally different band. I went in knowing full-well of the band's eclectic past. Their sound over the years has twisted around like a tornado throwing out bits of space age bachelor pad music, bossa nova enahnced electronica, sweet sixties lounge, and synthesized soul. I expected a more cerebral show. But I was greeted with a band driven by a drummer setting an insane pace and what at times was as hard and rocking as any punk show I've ever seen. The songs were the same, the intensity was dialed up, and there was a very clear rock and roll core there that doesn't always show up on their albums. It was delightful. All that to say that this week's modcast opens with a track from Stereolabs new release, runs on along and closes with another new release from London's Supernovas, a band that is on a self-proclaimed mission to trigger a new mod revival. It's a good show that I think you'll enjoy.

The Supernovas -- Ace Face

The Groovy Cellar -- When You Fly Away