April 13, 2008

Modcast #89: Another Reason To Go On Living

Welcome to Mr. Suave’s Mod Mod World. First off a big thank you to Ken from the Shingles for holding down the fort last week with a great show. So great I had to dig up a Motown cover of the fab four to try and compete. And, I've got a few other covers including one by The Eddies from their brand new disk Twice Around the World, which is garnering some rave reviews -- not bad considering it's all covers.

Lots of other good reasons to listen in like The Dickies, The Terrorways, 20/20 and The Hawaiians, plus bonus videos at the modcast homepage at mistersuave.com. Why are you waiting? Click here now, you know you wanna.

  • Diana Ross & The Supremes – Hard Day’s Night
  • The Eddies – Colour My World
  • The Dickies – Sounds of Silence
  • Mad Parade – Mother’s Little Helper
  • Terrorways – She’s a Mod
  • Terry Tonik – Just a Little Mod
  • The Sussed – I’ve Got Me Parka
  • Tuffdarts – Here Comes Trouble
  • 20/20 – She’s an Obsession
  • The Hawaiians – Rock’N’Roll Overdose
  • Wire – 12XU

Questions? As always, I dispense sage advice on all things suave and mod. E-mail me: rob@mistersuave.com

Bonus Videos

The Dickies – Knights in White Satin

The Supremes -- Come See About Me