March 14, 2008

Modcast #87: Rockin' With the Mods

Welcome to Mr. Suave’s Mod Mod World, and it’s a good, good world this week indeed with the latest release from one of my fave Britpop bands The Charlatans. I had to get that Charlatans track in there in order to let you know about the free Charlatan’s album available for download at Xfm. You can grab the whole thing right now, right here.

But I digress. In truth the rest of the modcast is a bit out of step with that opening. It’s got cool, groovy sounds beginning to end. Anyhow, I recommend you grab yourself a libation, sit back, relax and enjoy some cool swingin’ sounds. It’s time you were Rockin’ with this Mod.
  • The Charlatans – You Cross My Path
  • Michael Brown & Friends – Rockin’ with the Mods
  • Earl Grant – House of Bamboo
  • Mel Torme – Sunshine Superman
  • The Mel-Tones – Quick Pick
  • The Omega Men – Cat Robot
  • Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited – Grid Girls ‘68
  • Belleruche – Northern Girls
  • The Quantic Soul Orchestra – Feeling Good
  • Combustible Edison – Pink Victim
  • Supreme Beings of Leisure – Golddigger
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Too many cool bonus videos.

Cocktail Nation and Esquivel

Combustible Edison – Vertigogo“(rare promo video for Four Rooms)

Belleruche – Northern Girls

Omega Men – She Comes in Colors

Oh, yeah. Here's a little diddy from Paul Weller and The Charlatans.


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