February 14, 2008

Modcast #84: Mrs. Suave I Get A Love From You

Welcome to Welcome to Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World. It is Valentine's Day after all, so here's the requisite lovers package. A valentine of sorts from Mr. Suave to Mrs. Suave. These are songs that in some cases date back to our original courtship when I had to woo Mrs. Suave with all of my charms, just to get her to have dinner with me. While others of the songs are more recent, proving that being in love never goes out of style. So, without further ado here is the Valentine's edition of the modcast.
  • The Leaving Trains -- I Love You
  • The Style Council -- Sweet Loving Ways
  • Acid House Kings -- A Lover's Weekend
  • Dancing Mood -- A Groovy Kind of Love
  • Squire -- Every Trick in the Book of Love
  • The Funseekers -- Love Me Yeah
  • Makin' Time -- I Get A Love From You
  • The Rifles -- She's the Only One
  • Fevers -- Love's Gettin' Better
  • Dudley Manlove Quarter -- Can't Take My Eyes Off of You
  • The Pipettes -- I Love You
But, that's not all. Download now and you can include these six delicious tracks into whatever mix you want. All are songs that should have, could have, would have made the modcast, time and bandwidth permitting No matter, they're yours for the taking right now.

Bonus Tracks
  • Georgie Fame -- I'm in Love With You
  • The Flatmates -- Thinking of You
  • The Hotshots -- I'm in Love
  • Lancelot Link & The Evolution Revolution -- Rollin' in the Clover
  • The Lyres - I Love Her Still
  • The Mods -- Love Only Me

This week's bonus video is one I put together myself. A montage of suave shots of the queen of cool herself, Mrs. Suave.

From Mr. Suave to Mrs. Suave