January 21, 2008

Modcast #81: All Part of Growing Up

It's only fitting that the opening to this week's show is from the soundtrack to Quadrophenia, that's The Who's Get Out and Stay Out which was one of three songs Pete Townsend penned specifically for the 1979 movie version of Quadrophenia. Fitting because as it turns out, this week's modcast has some sixties floor shakersas well as a whole lot of modish british punk from the same '79 era as the film.
  • The Who -- Get Out and Stay Out
  • Gentleman Wild -- You Gotta Leave
  • The Chasers - Inspiration
  • Georgie Fame & the Blue Flames -- Do the Dog
  • The Rezillos -- No
  • Monochrome Set -- He's Frank
  • The Piranhas -- Getting Beaten Up
  • The Buzzcocks -- Just Lust
  • The Zips -- Over and Over
  • The Diodes -- Child Star
  • Ed James -- Selling Out

Bonus Videos

The Buzzcocks -- Ever Fallen In Love

The Monochrome Set -- Jet Set Junta