December 30, 2007

Modcast #79: New to You in 2007

Welcome to the end of yet another great year in music history. There was lots of great power pop coming out this year, as well as garage and post-punk, and even pure soul music started making inroads into the mainstream again. Definitely a good year to be a music lover. I always tell people that the best music I've ever listened to is the music I'm listening to right now. If you're a music lover like me, what else can you say.

2007 is over, but the music will live on. And there was so much good stuff out this past year, how could we not explore a few new gems. Rather than provide yet another year ending list of what I happened to think was best this year, I've opted to serve up some stuff that will hopefully be new to you. All the dozen tracks on this week's show were released in 2007, and so rather than let them get stale in '08, I'm going to deliver them fresh while the year is still with us. Enjoy!
End of Year Bonus Videos!

The Red Button - Cruel Girl

Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong - Lonely Boy

The Icicles - Sugar Sweet (live)

Hushpuppies -- You're Gonna Say Yeah