September 2, 2007

Modcast #65: Smokin’ Skunk on the 13th Floor

.. Modcast #65: Smokin’ Skunk on the 13th Floor

Welcome to yet another modcast, and yet another set of great music any mod should dig. I've got a great set this week with bands like The Itch, the Buzzcocks, the Untouchables, Agent Orange, and The Swear. That would be the London based Swear, not the rock band by the same name hailing from Atlanta. The Swear look to have broken up, which is too bad since I just discovered them recently and they have a really cool sound. In fact, the title of this week's podcast is a great line from the song I've included, High Rise. Also you'll want to check out the video on the modcast homepage. It's an interview with long time mod scenesters The Itch, and includes a pub performance, as well.

As usual if you want to rant or rave drop me an e-mail at

  • The Jags -- Woman's World (Myspace)
  • Private Jets -- Target in my Heart (Myspace)
  • Untouchables -- Mandingo (Myspace)
  • Gleaming Spires -- Are You Ready for the Sex Girls?
  • The Itch -- Kiss You (Myspace)
  • Les Elite -- Frustration (Myspace)
  • Buzzcocks -- Sixteen Again (Myspace)
  • The Swear -- High Rise (Myspace)
  • Les Black Carnations -- Voice Scream & Murmur
  • Agent Orange -- This is All I Need (Myspace)
  • The Love Generation -- The Bummer (Guide Me Home) (Myspace)