March 27, 2013

Modcast #262: The Stuffed Cougar

This week Ken and Daren from The Shingles are bringin' the rock and roll to you.  They got the old stuff, the new stuff, the in-between stuff, and the stuffed cougar stuff. And it's the good stuff, if you know what I mean.

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88 - At Least It Was Here (Community: Music from the Original Television Series, 2010)
Kids - This is Rock'n Roll (The Kids, 1977)
Eddie & The Hot Rods - Hard Drivin' Man (Live) (Teenage Depression, 1976)
Boys - Schoolgirls (To Hell with the Boys, 1979)
Attention - Have A Drink (Gettin' All​.​.​., 2012)
Impressions - The Young Mods' Forgotten Story (The Young Mods' Forgotten Story, 1969)
Jimmy Hughes - Neighbor, Neighbor (Steal Away, 1964)
Solutions - My Mojo Ain't Workin' No More (Communicate!, 2004)
Dirtbombs - I'll Wait (Ultraglide in Black, 2001)
June Noa - Spin Around (Not Guilty, 2013)
Robin McKelle & The Flytones - Fairytale Ending (Soul Flower, 2012)
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Bahooka Tiki Restaurant 1967-2013

1 comment:

Thom Janssen said...

Hello from the Netherlands!

Thank you for playing June Noa. She is wonderful! Also, tell Darren that the Kids were from Belgium, not England! Very good show. Please, more like this!